Robert Motelski, LIGHT

10.08.2018 until 20.11.2018

13 years ago I saw the paintings of Robert Motelski for the first time. They made a great impression on me. As a curator of contemporary Polish art in Austria as well as the organiser of exhibitions of artists from my home country, I have observed with much interest the activity of young authors in Poland. Robert Motelski’s art has been really dear to me since the very beginning; it touched something inside me and moved deeply, intrigued me, standing out from the other artistic pieces of those years. It appeared to be clear, reductive, but somehow full of expression and distinguishing silence. The silence in his works appealed to me and attracted magically.
I find the works thoroughly magical in themselves.

Robert Motelski paints nature. It is not evoked realistically though, but depicted in a specific way. And the depiction is clear, profound, focusing on even the smallest details which often go unnoticed. For this happens often that the things we see day-to-day are not really perceived, inasmuch as our everyday and reality, the speed we move in and against it, do not allow us to ‘truly see’.
Our perception could be compared to a fast car ride whilst we pass cities and landscapes. En route we might spot the outline of trees, a river, lake, setting sun, but we see them in a millisecond. For us they appear to be the barely noticed backgrounds on our way. As we watch the things on daily basis, they seem nothing surprising, we take them for granted just used to the way we see them.
We seem to miss the vital and essential elements of the whole picture.

Robert Motelski beholds really and truly. As if in a slow motion, he records in his memory even the littlest details of his way. Afterwards, he renders them in his paintings where he allows us to see nature and its components in his fresh, focused and sharp view. Seen then from the artist’s perspective, many things surprise, astonish and enchant; suddenly we behold the familiar elements in a new perspective and in their true, simple meaning and beauty. It is everything that counts here: the seasons and their colour tones, water reflecting the shapes of branches, trees immersed in shade or cut by the rays of light, blades of grass, reeds as though folded by the wind.

The titled ‘Light’ of Sandhofer Gallery exhibition constitutes the vital part of Motelski’s art. 
We could particularly observe it in the works of ‘Light’, as well as in the nocturnes of the ‘Stars’ – the latest series of the artist.
The ‘Light’ series makes a feature of infinite, illuminated water landscapes. The light flickering on water, painted with thousands of points on its surface. All of them are set against evenly coloured space, which elicits an explicit transcendental dimension.
It is just the very ground where the magic of Motelski’s outlook works: it is where the magnetic peace and quiet lie, attracting, fascinating and soothing the soul.

Again in the ‘Stars’ series, Motelski shows us the night sky lit with patterns of stars, with the Milky Way about 300 light years away from our planet.
The stars forming constellations are most often unrelated to one another in any way. Despite their apparent proximity, resulting from their location within the interstellar space, they are typically situated in significantly different distances from the Earth and each other.
This sky also develops into an infinity coloured with shimmering light-points set against blue ink background of faraway longing felt by everyone gazing at it. So remote and so near and so cold, remaining incomprehensible, just captured at the very moment in the artist’s works.


Kasia Sandhofer


  • light0406135618 90x130cm

    Light 4 June 13:56, 2018

  • light2808195917 40x53cm

    Light 28 August 19:59, 2017

  • light0507042316 90x130cm

    Light 5 July 04:23, 2016

  • light1808182617 90x130cm

    Light 18 August 18:26 2017

  • light2107220917 90x160cm copy

    Light 21 July 22:09 2017

  • swiatlo2208153417 90x130cm Kopie

    Light 22 August 15:34, 2017

  • light1807105417 40x53

    Light 18 July 10:54, 2017

  • RMotelski

    Light 09 June 9:28, 2017

  • shadow1606141217 34x60cm

    Shadow 16 June 14:12, 2017

  • jetty1602094317 90x130cm

    Jetty 16 February 09:43, 2017

  • pomost2201175513d 90x130cm Kopie

    Jetty 22 January 17:55, 2013

  • wawes2805100217 40x53cm

    Wawes 28 Mai 10:02, 2017 40x53cm

  • reeds1708142317 90x130cm

    Reeds 17 August 14:23, 2017

  • stars1201222918 90x130cm

    Stars 12 Januar 22:29, 2018

  • stars2108233617 90x130cm

    Stars 21 August 23:36, 2017

  • stars1809224818 60x81cm

    Stars 18 September 22:48, 2018

  • horizon1709021617 40x53cm

    Horizon 17 September 02:16, 2017

  • stars307225918 60x81cm

    Stars 3 July 22:59, 2018

  • gory0403171417 90x130cm Kopie

    Mountains 4 March 17:14, 2017

  • gory1503101216 34x60cm

    Mountains 15.March 10:12, 2016

  • clouds1505164318 60x81cm

    Clouds 15 Mai 16:43, 2018

  • trees0212143114 53x40cm

    Trees 02 December 14:31 2014

  • trees2306162216 34x60cm

    Trees 23 June 16:22, 2016

  • drzewa2110141515 24x50cm Kopie

    Trees 21 October 14:15, 2015

  • campfire2805225318 40x53cm

    Campfire 28 Mai 22:53, 2018

  • DSCN5349 Kopie

    DSCN5349 Kopie

  • DSCN5347 Kopie

    DSCN5347 Kopie

  • DSCN5368 Kopie

    DSCN5368 Kopie

  • DSCN5366 Kopie

    DSCN5366 Kopie

  • DSCN5348 Kopie

    DSCN5348 Kopie

  • DSCN5377 Kopie

    DSCN5377 Kopie

  • DSCN5359 Kopie

    DSCN5359 Kopie

  • DSCN5369 Kopie

    DSCN5369 Kopie

  • DSCN5393 Kopie

    DSCN5393 Kopie

  • DSCN5370 Kopie

    DSCN5370 Kopie

  • DSCN5394 Kopie

    DSCN5394 Kopie

  • DSCN5396 Kopie

    DSCN5396 Kopie

  • DSCN5397 Kopie

    DSCN5397 Kopie

  • DSCN5405 Kopie

    DSCN5405 Kopie

  • DSCN5417 Kopie

    DSCN5417 Kopie

  • DSCN5426 Kopie

    DSCN5426 Kopie

  • DSCN5430 Kopie

    DSCN5430 Kopie

  • DSCN5456 Kopie

    DSCN5456 Kopie

  • DSCN5438 Kopie

    DSCN5438 Kopie

  • DSCN5488 Kopie

    DSCN5488 Kopie

  • IMG 2646 Kopie

    IMG 2646 Kopie

  • DSCN5475 Kopie

    DSCN5475 Kopie

  • DSCN5477 Kopie

    DSCN5477 Kopie

  • IMG 2639 Kopie

    IMG 2639 Kopie

  • IMG 2643 Kopie

    IMG 2643 Kopie

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